10 best hidden object games for Android (2023)

10 best hidden object games for Android (1)

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Hidden object games are a subgenre of puzzle games. They are also pretty popular. In most hidden object games, you hunt around an area for items that help you proceed through the game. Most games in the genre also have an element of mystery to them since you don’t know why you’re solving all of these puzzles. The games are easier to make than most and have seen great success as web-based games. Still, there are some great options for mobile. Here are the best hidden object games for Android.

The best hidden object games for Android

  1. Artifex Mundi games
  2. G5 Entertainment games
  3. Hidden Folks
  4. Haiku Games titles
  5. Pearl’s Peril
  1. Mad Head Games titles
  2. Midva Games titles
  3. Mysetery of Coastal Hill City
  4. The Room series (four games)
  5. Seekers Notes

Artifex Mundi games

Price: Free to play / Varies

Artifex Mundi is a developer on Google Play with several good hidden object games. Some good options include the Enigmatis series, the Unsolved series, The Dreamatorium series, the Grim Legends series, the Lost Grimoire series, and several others. Most of this studio’s games play similarly. Each series has something that sets it apart from the rest, but they are otherwise fairly typical hidden object titles. In addition, most of their premium games are available on Google Play Pass for free if you use it. The studio basically only does these types of games and most of them are pretty good.

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G5 Entertainment games

Price: Free to play

G5 Entertainment is another developer on Google Play with several very respectable hidden object games. This studio likes to blend the hidden object genre with others. For instance, several of the studio’s games have both match-3 and hidden object elements. The games to check out from G5 include Sherlock: Mystery, Homicide Squad: New York Cases, Crime Mystery, and a few others. The only major complaint is how grindy the games get after a period of time. The repetition has chased away players before.

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Hidden Folks

Price: $4.99

Hidden Folks is kind of like an indie version of Where’s Waldo. Sure, this technically hidden people and not hidden objects, but the rules are the same. You get drone-level views of a landscape. From there, you find the person the game tells you to find. The game features 32 areas, over 300 targets to find, 500 unique interactions, and three color modes (black and white, sepia, and night mode). The game takes place in black and white, but everything is hand-drawn so it gives it a nice look. Plus, this one goes for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.

Haiku Games

Price: Free to play

(Video) Top 10 Best Hidden Object Puzzle Games For Android | 2022

Haiku Games is a developer on Google Play. The studio is best known for its Adventure Escape series. The series is an adventure-mystery game that includes elements of mystery, adventure, escape room, and hidden objects. Players progress through the game by solving riddles and puzzles, finding items, and orchestrating their escape. There are 14 games in the series and they’re all pretty good. The only issue is that some games rely on more on hidden object mechanics than others, so those looking for pure hidden object games may be disappointed by all of the other game play elements. Haiku Games also does the Solve It series, but that one features no hidden object mechanics.

Pearl’s Peril

Price: Free to play

10 best hidden object games for Android (2)

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Pearl’s Peril is a classic hidden object game. The game takes place in the 1930s with Pearl. The player takes Pearl through hundreds of scenes to find the hidden objects. This one is a great example of a typical hidden object game. The whole point is to find all of the objects in the scene. There is an underlying story to play through as well and it’s pretty decent. You also get a private estate to decorate with items you pick up through the course of the game. It’s free to play, but not annoying with microtransactions. The energy system is a bit restricting, but otherwise everything works nicely.

Mad Head Games

Price: Free / Varies

Mad Head Games is another developer on Google Play with several good hidden object games. You’ll want to check out the Adam Wolfe series along with the Wanderlust series. The developer has several other games in the franchise as well. The games all have similar bones. Each one has a few dozen levels, good hidden object mechanics, a story, and some other mechanics to spice things up a bit. The games are a bit short, but you can buy them outright with microtransactions. So far, the only complaints we’ve seen include some bugs that occasionally prevent folks from finishing the games.

Midva Games

Price: Free / Varies

(Video) 10 Best Hidden Object Games For Android 2018

Midva is one of the bigger names in hidden object games. Its Hidden Objects series has well over a dozen games and people seem to like them. Each game has hundreds (sometimes over 1,000) of objects to find, good graphics, a kids mode, and a hint system. These are pure hidden object games with very little else to do. The studio also has some one-offs such as Playbook, an adventure-mystery game with multiple endings and hidden object mechanics. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. The only bad part is that they haven’t been updated since 2019. They still work well in 2021, but we hope the developers give these an update sooner rather than later.

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Mystery of Coastal Hill City

Price: Free to play

Mystery of Coastal Hill City is a decent standalone hidden objects game. It also has adventure, puzzle, and fashion elements. Players move through the levels to solve the various puzzles and continue through the story. You also get an avatar and a house to dress up and renovate, respectively. The story revolves around the town of Coastal Hill, where things look normal on the surface but have some secrets for you to uncover. The microtransactions get a little aggressive once you hit the endgame, but everything is doable without any money. It just takes more time.

The Room series (four games)

Price: $0.99-$4.99 each

The Room is one of the best puzzle games in the history of mobile. They all blend together the escape room with the hidden object genres with some excellent results. Players start in a room and solve clever little puzzles to eventually leave the room. You also search for objects to use to solve other puzzles. Each game has excellent graphics (for its time), very clever puzzles, and more. The later games also includes cloud saving and achievements. You can get the whole series for about $10 these days and it’s honestly $10 well spent. The only thing is that they aren’t pure hidden object games, so people who like that may be disappointed with the escape room portion of the mechanics.

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Seekers Notes

Price: Free to play

10 best hidden object games for Android (3)

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Seekers Notes is a pretty good hidden object game. And it’s a rather typical one. Players move from level to level finding all of the hidden objects. This game has been around for years and includes 9,500 total quests, 1130 collections, the ability to craft items, guilds so you can play with friends, and more. It’s one of the bigger hidden object games on mobile. For the most part, this is right up there with Pearl’s Peril as one of the pinnacle hidden object games. However, some long-time players are disappointed with newer updates in the game.

If we missed any great hidden object games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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What is the game where you find things on a list? ›

A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list, usually without purchasing them. Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate.

What is the most popular free game? ›

  • Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact's world is rich and varied. ...
  • Blizzard. Overwatch 2. ...
  • Fortnite. Fortnite Battle Royale. ...
  • Fall Guys. Fall Guys. ...
  • EA. Apex Legends. ...
  • Dota 2. Dota 2. ...
  • Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go. ...
  • Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Warzone.
Dec 21, 2022

What is the most popular free game on play Store? ›

Enjoy our roundup of the best free-to-play titles on the Play Store in 2023.
  1. 1 Rocket League Sideswipe. ...
  2. 2 Sky: Children of the Light. ...
  3. 3 The Impossible Game 2. ...
  4. 4 My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge. ...
  5. 5 Pokémon UNITE. ...
  6. 6 AnimA ARPG (Action RPG) ...
  7. 7 Brawlhalla. ...
  8. 8 Legends of Runeterra.
Feb 17, 2023

Can you see hidden apps? ›

You can go to the Settings on your Android phone, then select Apps, you can find hidden or missing apps by checking your App list.

Where do I find hidden items? ›

Select View > Show > Hidden items.
  1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  3. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

How can you show all hidden objects? ›

Click Home tab Visibility panel Unhide All drop-down Unhide All .

What are I Spy games called? ›

I spy is a guessing game where one player (the spy or it) chooses an object within sight and announces to the other players that "I spy with my little eye something beginning with...", naming the first letter of the object. Other players attempt to guess this object. It is often played as a car game.

What is Mystery Box game? ›

A mystery box game is an at-home game that contains an objective to crack a case. As an example, the case could be figuring out who the perpetrator is for a murder or a kidnapping. The game provides all of the materials you need to explain the objective and give you the clues required to connect the dots.

What is the bin game? ›

The Bin Sort Game. Image cards are sorted into the correct bins (waste/landfill, recycling and organics), providing an opportunity to practice and learn what can and cannot go in each bin. The three 'R's' for Reducing, Reusing and Refunding (10 cent containers)

What is the number 1 most played game? ›

  • PUBG Mobile (free-to-play) – 1.1 billion (as of December 2022)
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds (free-to-play) – 500 million (as of January 2021)
  • Peacekeeper Elite (free-to-play) – 70 million (as of May 2019)
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (free-to-play) – 100 million (as of August 2021)

What is the #1 game right now? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titleChange
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0-1
16 more rows

What is the most downloaded free game? ›

See the top mobile games worldwide for February 2022 by downloads, according to Sensor Tower data. Garena Free Fire from Garena was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for February 2022 with 21.8 million installs, which represented a 22.7 percent increase from February 2021.

Which is the No 1 Android game? ›

Android: top 30 games of 2023 so far by revenue
1Candy Crush Saga
2Coin Master
3Royal Match
26 more rows
Feb 2, 2023

Which is the most downloaded game ever on play Store? ›

1. Subway Surfers (2012 | 1B+ Downloads)

Which is the No 1 mobile game in play store? ›

Candy Crush Saga

It is one of the most popular mobile games in 2022.

What is secret identity games? ›

Secret Identity tasks you with communicating your secret identity to other players via the gift of up to three simple picture cards. Players get points for guessing other players identity correctly and having other players guess their identity correctly.

What is the five indoor game? ›

For example, Ludo, Carrom, Puzzle, Card games, Chess, Table tennis, and board games. Play is a part of education and important for our life.

Which game looks the most realistic? ›

So, here are the most realistic games to ever be released:
  1. Ghost of Tsushima. IGN. ...
  2. Red Dead Redemption II. Rockstar Games. ...
  3. Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile. ...
  4. GTA V. ...
  5. Death Stranding. ...
  6. Control. ...
  7. Cyberpunk 2077. ...
  8. The Last of Us: Part Two.
Aug 3, 2022

What is the hardest game to run? ›

The 20 Most Graphically Demanding PC Games
  • 9 Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  • 8 Forza Horizon 5.
  • 7 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.
  • 6 Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • 5 Final Fantasy XV.
  • 4 Metro Exodus.
  • 3 Dying Light 2.
  • 2 Far Cry 6.
Nov 2, 2022

Which game has the best story? ›

The gameplay on these is an occasional highlight, certainly, but the story is what truly keeps gamers coming back for more.
  • 33 Disco Elysium.
  • 32 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
  • 31 Final Fantasy X.
  • 30 Life Is Strange 2.
  • 29 Final Fantasy IX.
  • 28 God Of War Ragnarok.
  • 27 Tales Of Arise.
  • 26 To The Moon.
Dec 2, 2022

How do I see hidden text messages on Android? ›

Step 1: Go to Settings. Select Private mode or click on the option from the notification panel. Step 2: Turn on the private mode & Enter your security pin. View your hidden texts in the private folder or browse the gallery for other content.

How do you tell if someone has hidden apps on their phone? ›

How to Find Hidden Apps in the App Drawer
  1. From the app drawer, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Hide apps.
  3. The list of apps that are hidden from the app list displays. If this screen is blank or the Hide apps option is missing, no apps are hidden.
Jan 24, 2023

How do I find hidden icons? ›

Customize what you see
  1. Press and hold or right-click any empty space on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.
  2. Under Taskbar corner icons: Select On for any icons you want to see on the taskbar. Select Off for any icons you don't want to see on the taskbar.

Where do you hide secret stash? ›

Hide a Safe in the Wall or Floor

Install a wall hidden safe or cylinder floor safe by bolting it to the floor. (Most hidden safes have holes inside for just that purpose). Hide it in the corner of a closet or other inconspicuous area. Or mount the wall safe inside a wall and cover it with a picture.

How do I unhide hidden elements? ›

Unhide elements by following these steps:
  1. Select the element.
  2. Take one of these steps. – Click Modify | tabReveal Hidden Elements panel (Unhide Element) or (Unhide Category) – Right-click the Element, and click Unhide in ViewElements or Category. ...
  3. On the View Control Bar, click to exit Reveal Hidden Elements mode.

How can I see debug objects? ›

showhiddenobjects: Enables all debug items in buy mode. You can see them all by entering the word debug into the build/buy search bar.

How do we see other objects? ›

Light from a source like the Sun, falls on the object. The object reflects light in all possible directions. The reflected light from the object reaches our eyes. Our brain receives the information from the eyes making us see the object.

What is the Sniper spy game? ›

SpyParty is a competitive espionage game about subtle human behavior. A Spy hides in plain sight at a fancy cocktail party, trying to accomplish missions while blending in with the other guests, while a Sniper with a single bullet looks inward, searching for the Spy.

How many Spy Fox games are there? ›

There are three adventure games in the series: Spy Fox in: Dry Cereal (October 17, 1997) Spy Fox in: Some Assembly Required (September 21, 1999) Spy Fox in: Operation Ozone (March 30, 2001)

Is SpyMaster a real game? ›

SpyMaster is an I-Split-You-Choose game by Seth Johnson and published by Calliope Games. Play the role of intelligence chief, trying to thwart international villains in their quests to wreak havoc across the globe! SpyMaster is a game for 2-6 players, lasting about 45 minutes, for players ages 8+.

Which mystery box is the best? ›

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions for Amateur Sleuths:
  • Best Murder Mysteries: Hunt A Killer.
  • Best Adventure Mysteries: Finders Seekers.
  • Best Mysteries to Gift: The Deadbolt Mystery Society.
  • Best Detective Mysteries: Sleuth Kings.
  • Best Escape Room Mysteries: Escape the Crate.
  • Best Episodic Mysteries: A Killing Affair.
Jun 23, 2022

Is Hunt a Killer any good? ›

So far, honestly I am slightly disappointed. I love the story and the entire concept but the fact that it is so expensive and you don't get the whole case, is very frustrating. It takes 6 months to solve one case. On top of that, you can't expedite the next box.

How do you play the game poison box? ›

Children form a ring clasping their hands around a much smaller "poison" circle drawn on the floor or ground. The player are trying to push or pull each other to step into the "poison". As soon as some players touch the "poison" circle, the other shouts "Poisoned!" and run for safety.

What is the sock game? ›

Thirty unusual objects are hidden inside a giant sock. Using only your sense of touch, can you retrieve the right one in time? The hilarious dexterity challenge that's perfect for families or parties.

What is the Cheeto game? ›

Spray shaving cream on your head and toss Cheetos in the air and catch them. The person with the most Cheetos in the shaving cream after one minute is the winner.

What is the umbrella game? ›

The main person would name something that cannot go under his umbrella and then something that can go under it. The point of the game is for the people who don't get it to figure out what can and can't go under the umbrella. If you say say ummmmmm... then say anything else, it can go under the umbrella.

Is hidden objects a free game? ›

About this game. Free Hidden Object Games are all about secrets, be it crime investigations, ancient relic hunting or dark mysteries.

What is the best free roam game for free? ›

  • FREE. Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy brings the MMORPG experience to PC and mobile with a F2P, splashy, anime-esque style. ...
  • FREE. Diablo Immortal. ...
  • FREE. Dark Orbit Reloaded. ...
  • FREE. Neverwinter. ...
  • FREE. League of Angels - Heaven's Fury. ...
  • FREE. Dark Knight. ...
  • FREE. Halo Infinite (Multiplayer) ...
  • FREE. Genshin Impact.

Which Big Fish games are free? ›

You do not need a Big Fish account or a payment method to download a Free-to-Play PC or Mac game.
Tap your game below:
  • Big Fish Casino.
  • Cascade.
  • Cooking Craze.
  • EverMerge.
  • Fairway Solitaire.
  • Fairway Solitaire Blast.
  • Gummy Drop!
  • Jackpot City Slots.
Feb 18, 2023

How do I find good games for free? ›

There are several highly-rated sites for downloading free PC games, including:
  1. Origin.
  2. Steam.
  3. G2A.
  4. Mega Games.
  5. Battle.net.
  6. Epic Games Store.
  7. Acid Play.
  8. AllGamesAtoZ.
Feb 9, 2023

What other games can I play for free? ›

What are the best free online games?
  • Mahjongg Dimensions. Mahjongg Dimensions is a 3D take on the popular tile-based game. ...
  • Sudoku is a classic logic puzzle that first appeared in Japan in 1986. ...
  • Spider Solitaire. ...
  • Bubble Shooter.

Is playing games for free illegal? ›

Unwanted attention from law enforcement. Finally, it's important to remember that using pirated gaming content is illegal. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, it could lead to fines or even jail time, if use of cracked software can be traced back.

What's the number 1 game in the world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
2.MinecraftMojang Studios
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0Activision Publishing
4.FortniteEpic Games
16 more rows

What games can I play offline for free? ›

  • Plague Inc.
  • Alto's Odyssey.
  • Fallout Shelter.
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga.
  • Into the Dead.
  • Trials Frontier.
  • Eternium.
  • Beach Buggy Blitz.
Mar 18, 2022

Which is the best free offline game in the world? ›

On that note, check out the list of the best free offline games for Android to play in 2023 below.
Top 15 free offline Android games to play in 2023.
TitleGoogle Play Store ratingDownload Link
Cover Fire4.3/5Play Store
Shadow of Death4.8/5Play Store
Mars: Mars4.5/5Play Store
Traffic Rider4.3/5Play Store
11 more rows

What are the best free mobile games? ›

The Best Mobile Games You Can Play For Free
  • 8 Tiny Wings.
  • 7 Gwent.
  • 6 PUBG.
  • 5 Creatures Of The Deep.
  • 4 1010.
  • 3 Adorable Home.
  • 2 Dadish Series.
  • 1 Genshin Impact.
Jan 19, 2023

What is the best game to play on your phone? ›

There's a good mix of platformers, card games and even battle royales - many of which are free.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile. ...
  • Rise of Cultures. ...
  • Fortnite. ...
  • Two Dots. ...
  • Before Your Eyes. ...
  • Genshin Impact. ...
  • Wayward Souls. ...
  • Super Mario Run.
Dec 21, 2022

What is the highest paying free game app? ›

What game apps pay you the most?
  • Fruit Frenzy.
  • Jackpocket.
  • Long Game.
  • Lucktastic.
  • Mistplay.
  • Pool Payday.
  • Solitaire Cash.
  • Solitaire Cube.
Feb 22, 2023

How do I get the full version of Big Fish Games for free? ›

Sign in or create a free Big Fish Games account. Find a PC or Mac game. Click the Play Now button to download and then play the game's free trial, if available.

Where can I download old Big Fish Games? ›

Visit My Game Downloads. Locate a game you wish to install. Click Install games from this order next to the game. Click the Downloadable Game next to the title use wish to reinstall.

Is fishing planet free? ›

The game is FREE to play and just a download away! Fishing Planet® isn't just another game about fishing.


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