How to get an Excellent Bank Statement for Visa (2023)

This question has really troubled a lot of people, that is why I have answered all the related questions to it. Like “What is a bank statement for visa application?”, “How do I get it?”, “Does it guarantee visa?”, “What is even in a banking statement?”, “How does the bank verify that I have money in the bank?” all these and many more will be answered as you read through.

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What is a Bank Statement for Visa?

A bank statement is a summary of financial transactions showing the date and time of withdrawals and deposits, the related balance in each case, and the person’s biodata.

Does it guarantee Visa?

A bank statement alone doesn’t guarantee a visa. It’s one of the things needed when applying for a visa and it plays a major role in getting your visa approval.

How do I get it?

Your bank can provide you with your statement of account for a definite period of time.

But in this context, a statement of about 6 months of deposits, withdrawals, and other activities performed on the account are needed.

Some people download the soft copy through their online banking and print it out, but I suggest you get one that is stamped from the bank to reduce any form of questions from the embassy.

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What can I find in a bank statement for Visa Application?

The document given to you by your bank contains the following:

  1. Deposits: Like the name implies, it shows the money put or submitted to the bank’s custody. The bank statement for visa contains all the deposits made into your account by you or by a third party indicating the year down to the time and day.
  2. Withdrawals: Showing all the money removed from the account either by transfer, POS, ATM, or through a third party by check. Sure you know it will still contain the date and time of the transaction.
  3. Any other transactions between you and the bank will be stated by the statement of account.

What makes a Bank Statement for visa application valid?

Good sum of money:

In this context, I want to make you understand that the sum of money needed in an account for travel is dependent on the purpose of the travel.

For instance, someone who is traveling for study would have much more money than someone traveling for tourism.

So in everything, you need to have a good sum of money to sustain yourself and avoid any thought to go into any illegal activity that will lead to imprisonment which in turn to deportation.

Valid evidence of source or medium of income:

If you need to get approval for the visa application, you need to define your source of income. Whatever business you are into should be stated whether online or offline.

As you read along, I will explain more on Evidence of account.

Does the Embassy check the bank Statement for Visa?

Of course, they do, to check if you are financially stable to be in the country you intend to travel. Also, due to the rate of forgery and corruption in the world, they need to see your history of the account.

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They can send a mail to your bank in this format:

“Hi bank A, Kindly confirm this statement of account for Visa Application belonging to Mr./Mrs./Miss A with the date of Birth, acc no, residing at Location A”


Thus the bank will reply showing if it’s ideal or a fake account details.

Sure you know that you know that a fake or false banking statement can get you banned for years.

So its best you avoid any form of a fake bank of statement for visa application. If you can’t handle the costs of living, you can use a sponsor’s account like a spouse, an employee, or a good friend.

How much do I need to have in my account?

This is an important question many people ask, like I said above, you need a good sum of money.

Let’s assume you are traveling to Malaysia, and the cost of travel is N800,000, having double the money in your account will play a major role in helping you attain a visa because the embassy is assured that you are comfortable and can sustain in the country.

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More on What makes a bank Statement for visa application valid?

Evidence of Account income:

You need definite evidence of how the money in your account got into there.

It can be explained by showing your source of income, if it’s a business, make sure that it’s registered under the corporate Affairs commissions (CAC).

If it’s an online business, also make sure it’s registered with pictures of your store and the transactions made per month.

Consistency of Account:

Let’s assume you opened an account with N800,000 and your salary is N400,000 per month.

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If you are single, it is assumed that you won’t spend much. With an expense of N150k a month, you will have remaining N250,000.

Checking your account in the next months is (250k * 6 = N1.5 million).

If then you submit your bank statement for visa application and 20 million is seen in your account, you will be questioned and asked for a proof of the money and how it was got.

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Can I still apply without a bank statement for the visa application?

Sure you can… I know some people that don’t save money in the bank, they will prefer to save in a piggybank or an online wallet. Thus in this case, here are documents you need to submit:

  • Evidence of Business registration from SEC/DTI
  • Business permit or Top official permit
  • Income tax return
  • Screenshot of your online store or your online wallet including the transactions done per month.
  • Employment Certificate: This is in a case where you receive a salary monthly.

What if I don’t have enough money in my bank account?

As shown in your bank statement for visa application, if you don’t have enough money, you can do this:

Get a Sponsor: Here the sponsor stands in for you to provide all that is needed for you.

But you have to sign an affidavit of support that is provided by the individual showing that the person he/she is visiting will foot the bills. This will be included with the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • International passport
  • 2 passport photographs

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Its best to apply with a bank statement for visa because it will save you stress and help you get your visa faster if every other requirement is achieved.

Thanks for reading this article.

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