Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (2023)

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (1)

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (2)

April 20, 2022 6:11 am ET

Depending on your disposition, the advent of online games to play with friends has transformed the industry. Gone are the days where you would sit on the sofa together and soak in a shooter, at least in the mainstream. Multiplayer games live within headsets and on modems in 2022.

Nowadays, everyone has their own console, and you’re often playing over the internet, connecting over voice chat, and bringing down squads in a battle royale. For keeping in touch with distant friends and family, this is a godsend for the gaming-savvy, but you may still have fond memories of those halcyon days of couch co-op games and cheap controllers.

With Turtle Rock’s zombie horde shooter Back 4 Blood releasing towards the end of last year and recapturing the magic of multiplayer for a new generation, we thought it’d be a good time to reminisce about some of the best multiplayer games of all time. Here are some of our favorites, from stone-cold classics to new contenders.


Rocket League

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (3)

Who would have thought that soccer with cars would become such a multiplayer sensation? Psyonix’s Rocket League is a straightforward game, pitting teams of turbo-charged remote-controlled vehicles against each other in an arena with a giant ball.

But such a simple premise has proven to be a great hit with scores of players worldwide, spawning a die-hard competitive scene and various spin-off modes that reward those who can control their mid-air momentum and score killer goals. The enduring silliness of Rocket League’s physics turns tense matches into laugh factories, ensuring a completely different experience every time you play.

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Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (4)

Epic Games’ Fortnite is a multiplayer phenomenon. It’s safe to say it will be etched into the video game history books given its biblical popularity, which has seen it weather storms — and now it has them in-game — where other battle royale games have faltered and fallen by the wayside.

As its importance as a nexus for crossovers and collaborative content grows with live concerts and movie tie-ins being held within its wacky world, Fortnite’s status as a great multiplayer game is only set to grow as the years go by. But beyond all the brands, Fortnite is still a social sensation that continues to connect squads of players looting, dancing, and building their way to life-affirming Victory Royales.


Grand Theft Auto Online

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (5)

If you’ve ever been naive enough to believe that you and your close friends could pull off a bank heist, then Grand Theft Auto Online is a custom-built sandbox that lets you put that theory to the test. Rockstar Games’ incomparable multiplayer open world can be a playground of player vs. player destruction, but it also excels in providing epic cooperative adventures, as you get the gang together to scope, set up, and execute big scores in casinos, secret facilities, and private islands. With the recent release of The Contract, starring Dr. Dre, Rockstar’s multiplayer sandbox isn’t going away any time soon.

While the buy-in can be high for these heists, there’s still something so unique about simply cruising around Los Santos, causing chaos with your friends in tow, which is why Grand Theft Auto Online deserves a comfortable spot on this list.


Halo Infinite

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (6)

A hallmark of the Xbox, Halo basically reinvented how FPS games played on console. Halo Infinite might not have had such a big impact on the industry, but it proves just how timeless Halo‘s deadly dance is.

There’s still almost nothing quite as tense as running back to base with a last-minute flag capture as bullets and pink neon death whizz overhead. Every gun still feels satisfying and serves a unique purpose, and it might just be the only shooter where grenade spam doesn’t get on your nerves. Best of all, it’s free-to-play on Xbox and PC.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (7)

We might have Back 4 Blood now but Left 4 Dead 2 is still the daddy of co-op zombie games. There’s nothing quite like fending off the apocalypse in good company, which is what made Left 4 Dead 2 such an iconic multiplayer game in its prime, and why it’s still played by tens of thousands of people every day, more than a decade after its release.

Getting your buddies together to fight Spitters, Boomers, Jockeys and the dreaded Tank is an exercise in chaotic cooperation that demands careful communication, as the game’s AI Director throws hordes of infected at your quartet to put a stop to your efforts to reach the safe room.

The co-op gameplay becomes even more electrifying in Versus, as players take turns playing as the Special Infected, coordinating pins to put an enemy team on their knees. This is the one Back 4 Blood has to beat!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (8)

Undoubtedly one of the greatest fighting games of all time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate retains the series’ tight controls and exciting roster of characters. It’s a crowd-pleasing Nintendo brawler that lets you duke it out as Mario, Link, Donkey Kong or Sephiroth (or all of the above at once, if you’re so inclined!)

With its accessible control scheme and an item pool ripe for creating mayhem, there’s a reason this series is still going strong after all this time.


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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (9)

A game synonymous with esports, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer video game icon and one of the most polished shooters on the market. The game rewards precision sniping and careful economic considerations in its most competitive modes. Still, it persists with all manner of players as a shooter that is fun to play at any skill level, especially when you get to grips with the breadth of its airtight arsenal in frantic modes like Gun Game.

The Counter-Strike games have inspired the modern shooter landscape through games like Valorant and are kept alive by the wealth of community servers and mods spawned from its solid shooter base.



Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (10)

While it might not be solely known for its multiplayer potential, the best-selling game of all time has to make its way onto this list for its influence alone.

Everybody remembers the first time they found the perfect Minecraft seed or the first house they built on a multiplayer Minecraft server and the friend or stranger who swiftly turned it into dust with a cocktail of TNT and lava. Griefers aside, Minecraft is reliable fun with friends online and has been a hotbed of multiplayer innovation, spawning countless modded spin-offs like Hunger Games and Hypixel from its multiplayer survival core.

It maintains a solid player base nearly a decade after its launch, propped up by the years after years of Minecraft YouTube content that is still thriving.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (11)

A genre-defining shooter that is still revered to this day, Modern Warfare 2 was a flashpoint in the history of Call of Duty and online multiplayer gaming as a whole. ‘1 v 1 me on Rust’ is still part of the vernacular of the modern gamer, with Modern Warfare 2’s quick scopes, prestige system, and elusive nukes creating memorable moments for generations of gamers who grew up in its orbit. Yes, after all this time and all these games later, it’s still the best one.

While modern Call of Duty multiplayer has pivoted towards battle royale with Warzone as of late, there’s still a strong contingent of players who keep Modern Warfare 2 alive in 2021, and there’s a reason for their dedication. It’s still just as good as it was back in 2009.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (12)

Initially launching on the Wii U in 2014, Mario Kart 8 eventually found its true home on the Nintendo Switch, quickly becoming the best-selling game on the console and, by proxy, one of the best-selling video games of all time. It makes sense, too, given how easy it is to pick up and play for all ages.

If you wanted to play a multiplayer game with your friends or family without any stressful setup or rules to explain, this would be your first option. With its variety of maps, racers, and customization settings, there’s enough nuance to keep serious racers playing beyond the parties too. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any bananas and be on the lookout for those friendship-ruining Blue Shells!

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Apex Legends

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (13)

It might be free-to-play, but don’t let that fool you. Apex Legends is one of the best shooters around, and an amazing online game to play with your pals. Teaming up in squads of three, players have to dive into a map full of other teams, scavenge weapons, and fight to become the last team standing. What sets it apart from PUBG and Fortnite is its hero shooter-style abilities.

It has characters who can fly, sprint fast, place portals, use ziplines, and more. And every few months, the roster expands, adding another hero into the mix who refreshes the entire meta.

Every gun feels amazing to fire, and it has the best movement since Titanfall 2 — no surprise since it’s from the same developer. You really have to work as a team to win matches of Apex Legends, making it a perfect choice for a long online gaming session.


Sea of Thieves

Online games - the best multiplayer games of all time (14)

Set sail across an open ocean with up to three friends, working together to tame a galleon and fight off enemy ships (both AI and other players). Every single session of Sea of Thieves results in a water cooler-worthy anecdote, and no two sessions are the same. It doesn’t matter that the quests are repetitive because it’s what happens along the way that matters most. Fire your friends out of a cannon, stick someone in the brig, rob another player, and get up to all sorts of mischief while sailing on the most beautiful waters in video games.

Written by Jordan Oloman on behalf of GLHF.

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What is the number 1 multiplayer game? ›

Best multiplayer games to play in 2023
  • Company of Heroes 3. Relic Entertainment. ...
  • Apex Legends. Apex Legends just might be the definitive battle royale shooter. ...
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. ...
  • Fall Guys. ...
  • Rocket League. ...
  • Final Fantasy XIV. ...
  • Crusader Kings 3. ...
  • Minecraft.
Feb 27, 2023

What is the most downloaded multiplayer game? ›

1. Among Us. After the release of Among Us, it seems the golden period of Android gaming has truly arrived. One of the highest played games this quarter, it has surpassed some of the most popular games like Fall Guys and has been topping charts across the world.

What game is #1 right now? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titleChange
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0-1
16 more rows

What is the oldest game that still has multiplayer? ›

Avalon: The Legend Lives is without a doubt the oldest multiplayer game currently still going to this day, barring some obscure MUDs from random colleges that nobody knows about. Avalon: The Legend Lives is the first well-known MMORPG, but being a game from 1989, the entire game is shown through text.

What is the most 5 popular game? ›

The 10 Most Popular Games Right Now
  • Minecraft.
  • Fortnite.
  • Fall Guys.
  • League of Legends.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • CrossFire.
  • Roblox.
  • Lost Ark.
Aug 9, 2022

What is the biggest game ever downloaded? ›

1 Ark: Survival Evolved - 400 GB
  • Ark: Survival Evolved.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone.
  • Call of Duty.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Final Fantasy XV.
Jan 17, 2023

What are the most popular games in USA? ›

The most popular team sports in the United States are American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer.

What are the 10 most popular online game? ›

Top 10 online games in the World | The list!
  • PUBG.
  • Minecraft.
  • Apex Legends.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • Counter-Strike.
  • HearthStone.
  • League of Legends.
  • Call of Duty Mobile.
Dec 24, 2022

What is the most popular game in 2023? ›

Most Played Video Games in 2022-2023
  • Video games are inseparable part of this generation kids. ...
  • The topmost played popular game in the world is Minecraft. ...
  • Call of Duty: warzone stands second in the list.
Feb 16, 2023

What is the most selling game of all time? ›

The best-selling video game to date is Minecraft, a sandbox game released by Mojang in May 2009 for a wide range of PC, mobile and console platforms, selling more than 238 million copies across all platforms. Grand Theft Auto V and EA's Tetris are the only other known video games to have sold over 100 million copies.

What is the longest game to exist? ›

The long-awaited sequel to Beyond Good & Evil has overtaken Duke Nukem Forever as the game with the longest-ever development period.

Are gamers getting older? ›

New data from NPD suggests that there are more gamers aged 45 and older than ever before. Though video games have been around for a while now, some still associate the medium with children's entertainment only.

What is the funnest game in the world? ›

Most Popular Video Games of All Time
  • Pacman. ...
  • Tetris. ...
  • Wii Sports. ...
  • Sonic the HedgeHog. ...
  • The Sims. ...
  • Diablo III. ...
  • Super Mario Bros. ...
  • Super Smash Brothers.

What are some fun multiplayer online games? ›

Let's take you through some of the best free online multiplayer games to try.
  • Gartic Phone.
  • League of Legends.
  • Among Us.
  • Brawl Stars.
  • Fortnite.
  • Board Game Arena.
Aug 30, 2022

What game has the best online servers? ›

Best Server Based Games In 2021
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive. Counter Strike Global Offensive or GO needs no introduction since its design and game plan appeal to many. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Diablo 3. ...
  • GTA Online. ...
  • Rust. ...
  • Top Game Hosting Providers to Check out.

What is the coolest game on the Internet? ›

Scroll down to find out!
  1. Prodigy Math. Prodigy Math is a hyper-engaging, fantasy-inspired MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with millions of players. ...
  2. ...
  3. RuneScape. ...
  4. ...
  5. BrowserQuest. ...
  6. Everybody Edits. ...
  7. AdventureQuest. ...
  8. Pokémon Showdown.
Jan 4, 2023

What is a cool online game? ›

What are the most popular Cool Games? Classic Solitaire. Bob The Robber 2. Solitaire Klondike. Little Big Snake.

What is the most fun free online game? ›

Best Free Online Games
  • Arkadium Word Wipe Game.
  • Arkadium's Bubble Shooter.
  • Mahjongg Solitaire. Love mahjong? ...
  • Free 8 Ball Pool Game. Everyone loves a game of pool. ...
  • Free Online Daily Crossword Puzzle.
  • Outspell Spelling Game.
  • Mahjongg Dimensions.
  • Block Champ. Clear the tiles before the grid fills up!

What is the most powerful server? ›

The 60th TOP500 was published in November 2022. Since June 2022, USA's Frontier is the most powerful supercomputer on TOP500, reaching 1102 petaFlops (1.102 exaFlops) on the LINPACK benchmarks.

What is the most popular server? ›

This list includes some of the most popular web servers according to W3Techs and Netcraft statistics regarding the usage of web servers.
Stable releases.
Nginx stable releasesRelease date
Nginx 1.16.xApril 2019
Nginx 1.18.xApril 2020
Nginx 1.20.xApril 2021
Nginx 1.22.xMay 2022
12 more rows
Sep 5, 2022

What are the best crazy games games? ›

Some of the best games currently on CrazyGames are:

Ships 3D, a smaller version of Sea of Thieves, Shell Shockers, a first-person shooter about eggs and chickens, and. Car Drawing Game, a game where you literally draw the shape of your car to get to the end of the level.

What games are online free? ›

Play Free Games Online
  • Arkadium's Pot of Luck Bubble Shooter. Instantly play fun and relaxing Pot of Luck Bubble Shooter games online today – no downloads required. ...
  • Coloring Book for Grown-Ups. ...
  • Jewel Shuffle Cozy Nights. ...
  • 8 Ball Pool Together™ ...
  • Hurdle. ...
  • Family Feud.
  • Arkadium Word Wipe Game. ...
  • Free Mahjong Game.

How do I make fun online with friends? ›

11 Fun Things to Do Online With Friends
  1. Drawing Together. ...
  2. Stream a TV Show. ...
  3. Quizzes and Trivia. ...
  4. Workout Together. ...
  5. Karaoke. ...
  6. Games. ...
  7. Virtual Escape Rooms. ...
  8. Start a Book Club.
Aug 30, 2022


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